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Review - Kindred

I’m very excited to discuss Kindred: 12 Queer #LoveOzYA Stories, an incredible new anthology edited by Michael Earp! Kindred is the first of its kind in Australia – a collection of short stories featuring purely queer Australian YA authors.

The characters and their worlds are dazzling: from young Jem’s exposure to ableist queer spaces; to Roxy and Ziggy’s gender-neutral dystopia; to Jack and Paul’s family confrontations and wedding plans … Read on!

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Review - Prisoncorp

I’m delighted to bring you a review of the newly-released Prisoncorp by Marlee Jane Ward (published by Seizure/Brio Books, April 2019), which follows on from Ward’s dystopian YA novellas, Welcome to Orphancorp and Psynode.

Mirii has found herself imprisoned – for real this time – and must survive the hell that is ‘Corrections Co’, a women’s facility in the searing desert … Read on!

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Review - A Charm of Powerful Trouble

This month, I’m going to explore a bewitching story by one of my all-time favourite Australian YA authors. Her name is Joanne Horniman, she hails from northern New South Wales, near where I grew up - and she’s amazing. Did I mention she’s amazing?!

A Charm of Powerful Trouble is one of Horniman’s lesser-known novels, which draws you into a darkly beautiful world of sisterly love, secret desires and the unravelling of family ties … Read on!

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